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July 25, 2023 (v0.18.1)

☁️ Bring your own clouds

You can now bring your AWS and GCP accounts to VESSL. We’ve prepared a Terraform pattern that you can use alongside our vessl cluster command. Refer to our latest documentation and spin up GPU instances from cloud accounts in under 5 minutes.


🔨 Improvements & fixes

💞 Community updates

Learn how you can build and deploy a Stable Diffusion app on your GPU clusters with VESSL Run and Streamlit. Follow our guide on our latest blog post.

Build your own Stable Diffusion app with VESSL Run and Streamlit

June 9, 2023


Next week, VESSL AI will be in Vancouver for CVPR 2023! We are excited to host the official student social event, share our latest product updates, and showcase demos! Here are a few things to know about VESSL AI at the conference.